When browsing MAKETHEMAKE’s website, MAKETHEMAKE collect some information that is not personal, such as which browser and operating system you use, as well as which IP address the device you are using at the time of your visit has, yet these can still be interpreted as personal details in the eyes of the law. MAKETHEMAKE uses cookies that are designed to store information which is then used to identify you when you are browsing MAKETHEMAKE’s webpages. You always have the right however, to prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings in your web browser. A cookie is a small text file that the website you are visiting requests to save on your device. Cookies are used by many websites to give the visitor access to different types of functions. Information in a cookie is designed to follow a user’s surfing habits. According to the laws surrounding electronic communication which was put into place the 25th July 2003, all users that visit a website with cookies must be informed about the website’s use of cookies, what the cookies are used for and how they can be avoided. MAKETHEMAKE uses sessions cookies to essentially keep track of what a user on the web page does, such as logging in, etc. A short summary of cookies is this: All information that should stay between page transitions somehow has to be connected to a specific user. This is done with a unique key that is stored in the user’s web browser. We use cookies. If you do not accept the cookies in your browser then some of the functionalities of the website may not work. This is because the website is going to believe it is a new visitor for every page that is loaded. If you do not wish to accept the cookies, your web browser settings can be adjusted to automatically decline the saving of cookies, or to inform you each time a website requests to save a cookie. Through the web browser’s settings you can also delete previously saved cookies. Check your web browser’s help settings for more information.