FOUNDATION BRUSH is the signature brush from MAKETHEMAKE. This design, with its short, soft and dense bristles makes it the ultimate brush for applying all types of foundation.

“For a seamless base and an effortless experience.”

The specially designed brush head and the mixture of smooth and rough bristles made from the super soft material Taklon means you get the perfect amount of product on the brush for application. Combining the application technique and the heat from your skin makes the foundation blend perfectly, for a “one with your skin” texture and a seamless finish. This results in your skin looking natural and flawless, regardless of the amount of product used.

The short and stout handle allows for precise and comfortable application, whilst the dense but soft bristles help you to create a natural and seamless makeup finish.

Always apply your foundation using the .

Apply a small amount of foundation to the Foundation Brush or, with your fingertips, apply dots of foundation to the desired areas on your face.
Work the product into your skin with light pressure from the brush, holding it at a right angle to the face. Finish with a short sweep in a half-moon shape, upwards and outwards.
Press – blend – press – blend.
Avoid long sweeping motions. Start from the middle of the face and work your way to the edges.
The level of coverage can easily be adjusted from light – to full coverage by adding multiple thin layers, until the desired result is achieved.
Foundation Brush is ideal for a hygienic way to quickly and easily apply your primer. It can also be used for highlighting and contouring.

Suitable for: Foundation, BB-/CC-/DD- cream
Compatible consistencies: Cream, gel

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