CONCEALER BRUSH is a super soft, dense and slightly rounded brush. It is designed to gently apply concealer under your eyes, cover red areas around your nose or to flawlessly disguise unwanted impurities and blemishes.

“Offers more control than your fingers.”

The gentleness of MAKE THE MAKE´s brushes against your skin mean that they are perfect for sensitive skin. The rounded brush form with medium length bristles makes it a perfect tool to reach the corners of the eyes, under the eye and above it, closest to the brow line. The dense and pliable brush applies an even amount of product over the skin and creates an even, natural, soft focus finish.

Always apply using the .

Lightly dip the brush in to the product to collect it within the bristles.
Work the product into your skin with light pressure from the brush, holding it at a right angle to the face. Finish with short sweeps in half-moon shapes, upwards and outwards in order to blend properly.
Concealer Brush is ideal for precision application of contouring products to enhance your facial features. Apply to the sides of your nose and under your cheekbones, then blend with Foundation Brush or Pressed Powder Brush. Can also be used to contour your eyes.

Suitable for: Concealer
Compatible consistencies: Powder, cream, liquid

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