Perfect application of make-up starts with clean brushes. MAKETHEMAKE CLEANSING BOWL is a practical, hygienic tool for cleaning all kinds of make-up brushes. This soft silicone bowl has a textured bottom that allows for a thorough cleaning of the brushes that is gentle on both your hands and the bristles.

“A more thorough cleaning – with less effort and no spillage.”

This soft bowl, made from hygenic silicone, has high sides in order to minimise any spillage. It is also practical for travelling – because it’s so soft it is easy to pack in your luggage and works just as well for mixing face masks and peels, etc.

Add a couple of drops of brush schampoo into your Cleansing Bowl with a little warm water. Massage the brushes against the bottom of the bowl in a circular motion to create a foam that quickly removes residual make-up and dirt. Thoroughly rinse the brush and then gently squeeze out the remaining water with a tissue or towel. Shape the bristles and allow them to dry on a flat surface.

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