MAKETHEMAKE are specially designed high-quality make-up brushes. These are new, innovative brushes with an application technique that allows your skin to be in the focus for a natural, “soft focus” finish. The brushes are made with user friendliness in mind, whilst still delivering professional looking results.

MAKETHEMAKE´s design with its extremely dense brushes and mixture of both smooth and rough bristles (made from the super soft material Taklon) gives you just the right amount of product on the brush and on your skin. The following technique used to work the product into your skin, instead of just brushing it on, lets your skin’s radiance shine through and creates a natural result with a seamless finish.

This results in your skin looking natural, regardless of the amount of product used. The application technique and the warmth from your skin, combined with the brushes’ shape and texture with its soft, dense bristles means that all products blend wonderfully into your skin.

is vegan friendly.


The brush names indicate the area each brush is ideally used on, but it is entirely up to you what area of your skin you choose to use it on.

Liquid products:
With your fingertips, apply dots of foundation to the desired areas on your face.

Pressed products:
Lightly dip the brush in to the product and then tap off the excess.

Work the product into your skin with light pressure from the brush, holding it at a right angle to the face. Finish with short sweeps in half-moon shapes, upwards and outwards. Press – blend – press – blend. Avoid long sweeping motions. Start from the middle of the face and work your way to the edges.

Usage of make-up products:
Always use a small amount of product on the brush. The level of coverage can easily be adjusted from light – to full coverage by adding multiple thin layers, until the desired result is reached.

MAKETHEMAKE´s brushes are made of Taklon – a vegan synthetic fiber designed to give a better user experience than natural hair. These off-white bristles are placed extremely tight together to deliver as soft and precise of a result as possible, regardless which level of coverage you go for or what products you use.

The bristles in the brush have different levels of coarseness, making it perfect for picking up the product and dispersing an optimal amount onto your skin upon application. The special texture of MAKETHEMAKE´s brushes is completely unique and the soft result on your skin is in a league of its own.

The short MAKETHEMAKE brush shaft allows for close, precise application and fits easily into any make-up bag. The flat bottom of the shaft means it can stand up between applications.